CATEGORY: In-Class Training

Aerial Work Platform Operator Safety Training

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

At C&R Safety Training Solutions, our Aerial/Elevated Work Platform Safety Course provides our participants with the knowledge and understanding of the safe operation and MOL standards, system components and protection systems. Approximately 20% of all lost time injuries can be contributed to falls in the workplace. Most injuries are same level, others are lower level. Ladders contribute to the more serious injuries or death. In fact, only motor vehicles contribute to a higher risk of workplace fatalities. You may have never personally experienced a fall from an Aerial Work Platform to the ground but that doesn’t mean that hazards don’t exist; less frequent hazards mean the hazard is hidden and makes it more dangerous. It’s imperative that workers understand the hazards involved when working at heights and consistently follow the rules and safety work procedures.

Course Content

  • Equipment types and selection
  • Basic hazards
  • Regulations and responsibilities
  • Stability and tipping
  • Equipment inspection
  • Safe practices
  • Safe operation (an evaluated demonstration of machine operation skills)

Aerial/Elevated Work Platform $225.00  (4-6 hours)