About On-Site Testing?

Whether you are considering on-site testing as an interim measure or as a permanent alternative to fixed-site testing, there are a range of benefits to consider, including:

  • Reduced Downtime. While the initial costs of implementing mobile testing may be slightly higher, it is more than made up for in reduced downtime and increased productivity. Each worker needs to spend only a few minutes at a mobile site rather than several hours in transport, waiting, and so on. As a result, it is far less disruptive for the entire team and far less costly in the end for the employer.
  • Fewer Missed or Delayed Tests. Sending workers out to collection sites increases opportunities for missed or delayed tests. Mobile testing brings the facility right to your job site, eliminating these opportunities.
  • Reduced Possibility of Compromised Tests. The more time a worker has between being selected for a random or other test and arriving at the collection site, the more opportunity there is to compromise the test. It is relatively easy for a worker to slip home and consume a masking product while on the way to their test. With your workers walking straight off the line or out of the office and into the collection site, the possibility of compromise or contamination is eliminated.
  • Higher Participation. Mobile testing makes it easy for your company to test larger groups at the same time. It also reduces the complicated logistics that often accompany coordinating transportation and scheduling testing for large groups of employees.
  • Reduced Liability. There is some liability attached to requiring your workers to travel to off-site drug testing facilities, particularly if they are travelling in company vehicles. This is also an issue when it comes to post-incident testing. Mobile facilities eliminate the need for travel and eliminate the possibility of additional accidents, including those occurring due to impairment.
  • Enhanced Flexibility. When you complete on-site testing, it offers increased flexibility, allowing employees to conveniently complete their tests and immediately return to work.
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