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Why Choose C&R Safety Training Solutions?

C&R Safety Training Solutions, is a Safety Training company, committed to providing up to date safety requirements in all industries in Ontario. C&R Safety Training Solutions also provides safety training knowledge to new workers entering the workforce or individuals returning to work.

C&R Safety Training Solutions aims to provide the most up to date and accurate information on standards and guidelines in an array of different workplace industries, in a very approachable and relatable manner. Different methods to suit our clients’ needs are key. Every year more regulatory training becomes a requirement for employers to maintain compliance in the workplace, and with OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) Legislation. Many Employers only see Costs associated, employees see time taken away from production. The goal is for them to obtain the understanding of why, and how they become mandatory and ultimately limit and eliminate workplace accidents making for a safer work environment.

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Over 100,000 Students Practicing better Workplace Safety and Compliance

Our Top Priorities are Customer Satisfaction and Community Health and Safety Awareness.