CATEGORY: In-Class Training

Propane in Construction CH-02 (TSSA Accredited)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Propane is commonly used in construction for a variety of work-related tasks, including flame cutting, space heating, heating, or melting materials, and powering internal combustion engines. It is important to understand the hazards of propane in the workplace and to know the procedures and controls necessary to minimize those hazards. Special training is required to work safely with
propane and propane equipment in the workplace. Our training program is designed to provide the information and hands-on practice necessary for construction workers to be able to safely connect, activate, and disconnect heaters, torches, and propane-powered equipment of less than 400,000 Btu/h, in accordance with Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) requirements.

Course Content

    • Propane hazards
    • Legislation and safe practice
    • Duties and responsibilities
    • Connection, activation, and disconnection of propane
    • Applications
    • First aid measures