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Sharps Safety Training

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Course Overview

Sharps Safety Training

At C&R Safety Training Solutions we are dedicated to safe workplace injuries and prevention. Our interactive Sharps Training includes a PowerPoint presentation and a hands-on portion for the safe handling of needles, with and without the syringe, e.g. butterfly needles, vacutainer needles, scalpel and razor blades, microscope slides and covers, glass capillary tubes, Pasteur’s pipettes, pipette man tips, sharp, pointy scissors, microtome knives, any broken glass or plastic lab-ware with sharp edges.

Course Content

  • What are sharps?
  • What are the hazards?
  • General Best Practices for all Sharps Use
  • Precautions for the Use of Needles and Syringes
  • Precautions for the Use of Scalpels
  • Precautions for Animal Work
  • Precautions for Disposal of Sharps and the Use of Sharps Containers
  • Ministry of Health Contacts
  • Proper PPE

Sharps & Naloxone Training  $25.00  (3-4 hours)