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Course Overview

Employers have a responsibility to educate workers on the classification
system that will be used in their workplace. If products will be classified
according to WHMIS – GHS-2015 and
new labels and SDSs provided, workers must receive WHMIS – GHS-2015 training. If products will be following WHMIS 1988
requirements, workers must be trained on the 1988 system. In most cases,
workplaces will have some products that use the 2015 system and others that use
the 1988 system. Those workers should receive training that provides
information on both the WHMIS 1988 and the WHMIS
– GHS-2015

Our WHMIS course has been updated to meet the training requirements
needed during the transition period. It educates workers on both the WHMIS 1988
system and the new WHMIS – GHS-2015 system.

WHMIS  –  $25.00  –  (4 hours)